DVD release date: December 1, 2009

Another compilation of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has chugged its way onto DVD, Choo-Choo Express, and my youngest son could not be any happier about it!

When Disney Records released the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD with songs from the show, my four year old became almost obsessed with one of the CD “tracks,” Choo-Choo Express! I’ve heard that one song about 30 times more than any other on the album.

Now, he not only has to just listen, but he has completely delighted in this hour long episode Choo-Choo Express episode, which is presented in widescreen and includes the song by They Might Be Giants that he’s taken to so much.

With snowmen, wintery landscapes and a big toy-like choo-choo train, this is perfect for the holidays.

The BONUS FEATURES include another standard episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, entitled Mickey’s Big Job where Mickey and the gang help take care of Willie the Giant’s farm while he’s gone.

Lastly, you can watch Mickey’s Big Job in “Adventure Mode” where you are asked questions about the video as you are watching and can answer using the remote.

There ya go! Hope I’ve helped set you on track of what you’ll find on the Choo-Choo Express!


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