DVD release date: June 30, 2009

Princess Protection Program DVDHear ye! Hear ye! First there was Snow White, and there was Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Ariel… they were all princesses, at least by the end of the movies. The latest Disney Princess is Princess Rosalinda Marie Montoya Fiore as portrayed by Disney Channel sensation Demi Lovato in Princess Protection Program.

Also starring in this Disney Channel original movie is the equally popular Selena Gomez as Carter Mason. When Princess Rosalinda is taken away from her country during a military takeover and put into a protection program, she is brought together with Carter, to make an odd couple, from two different worlds. Each have a lot of adjusting and learning to do, in this family friendly flick.


What’s a Disney DVD without a MUSIC VIDEO? In this one, you get a dose of both Demi and Selena singing “ONE AND THE SAME,” and there’s a few of really cool special effects in it, too.

ROYAL & LOYAL BFF’S (7:36) OMG, though Rosie & Carter were not friends from the start, Selena & Demi are another story. They met when auditioning for that annoying purple dinosaur, “Barney” and remained BFF’s ever since. LOL. So in this featurette, u get to see a bit about the dynamic duo that has taken the Disney Channel by storm, along with a peek at lots of backstage fun, and interviews with cast and crew. Not so much the making of, but about the fun times on the set. The whole piece is just, well, fun. CYL.


This royal piece centres around a real royal princess, her royal majesty Princess India Oxenberg. It’s a cool piece and likely to be an eye opener amongst young teen who dream of being a princess. Princess India proclaims that real life princesses don’t necessarily fit the stereotype of movie princesses, such as living in fairy tale castles or owning tons of royal jewelry. The PPP cast share their thoughts on the life of a princess, which contrasts with the life that Princess India describes, but they all have a similar goal, which is to offer the world what you have inside with the hopes that everybody can live happily ever after.

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